Gratitude Schmatitude!

So earlier today, I went to get lunch with a colleague, and while we were on our way back out of the place, a guy who was on his way in opened the door for us. But before I could completely exit and say “Thank you,” he uttered a very smarmy and sarcastic, “You’re welcome!” while going in himself.


Like I said, I was going to tell him thanks, but with that kind of attitude, he can stick my gratitude straight up his monkey ass! Plus, if he is the type of person who always opens doors for other peeps and expects a thank you every single time, he’s going to be really disappointed… especially in this town!

I’m the type of person who even says hi to the late-night janitorial crew at the office, and for him to get all high-and-mighty on me… well, let’s just say he was yet another ass-clown! :(

4 thoughts on “Gratitude Schmatitude!”

  1. I think of it as a good deed. Most times I don’t “expect” a thank you, though it usually follows the courtesy offered. It’s most like those elusive “things” that are only noticed when missing.

  2. jeff: i had one of those over reacting and going off on people for absolutely no good reason days yesterday too.

    must be the heat. all we can do is learn from it…

  3. Proof that one over reaction leads to another, leads to another, and another, another.

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