The Grisliest Place on Earth

Here’s something to chew on the next time you haul the offspring (or friend’s offspring, or your own ass) down Anaheim-way to Mouse Town: The Disneyland Death Tour. A long and well written run down of all the deaths that have occured over years at the park that Walt built, the detailed entries include a couple of homicides that I hadn’t heard of before (it’s interesting to see that even Disneyland didn’t survive the Colors-era gang explsion unscathed). It’s not entirely clear to me who he is (“Mel?”), but the author has a witty and acerbic take on the folly of humans who think they can best monorails and people movers. It’s nice to see somebody casting as critical an eye on seemingly-retarded parkgoers as they do on Disney.

2 thoughts on “The Grisliest Place on Earth”

  1. I’m proud to say i’ve never, not once, been to the magical kingdom. My mom and grandparents made offers when i was a kid, but neither my brother nor i wanted to do it. I respect that a lot of people have a lot of great memories of it, but even as a kid the place seemed like hell to me. Even when i came to college and under-developed raver kids (which was in at the time) were running in pairs to candy-flip at the park, i had no love… My suggestion, take that $60 admission to Adelitas in Tiujana, you’ll have a much more pleasant experience

  2. Excellent page, but it needs an addition: the death on the Thunder Mountain coaster last year.

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