Crush Hour

When you do about an hour’s worth of driving to and from work everyday, you start to notice little things:

  • Was traffic blisfully lighter than usual on the freeways last week, perhaps due to remnants of the Fourth of July weekend?
  • And on the flip side of the coin, has traffic been heavier than usual on the freeways this week? It’s royally sucked thus far, particularly this morning. :(

5 thoughts on “Crush Hour”

  1. i totally agree – it’s been the same on surface streets. thankfully i don’t have to deal with freeways but i spend 20-30 mins on surface streets depending on traffic. it was light last week and heavy this week.

  2. It took me 45 minutes to get from Santa Monica to Century City via SM Blvd yesterday — at 7pm! It normally takes me 20 minutes tops.

  3. I have noticed this too. My theory is that every
    time there’s a holiday weekend, more people move to L.A.


  4. Last week, I averaged 25.4 mpg. This week, I averaged 24.1 mpg.

    The average was going up for the past few weeks (car less than 1 year old, started at 23.5 mpg but gradually improved). 25.4 mpg was the highest ever. Now it looks like it’s back to crap.

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