Say “Bishop Kennedy!”

cameraobscura.jpgAlthough, as Gregory rightly points out, the monthly Res screenings are hella cool, I’m not going tomorrow night because I shall be enjoying the dulcet tones of Scottish pop sensation Camera Obscura at the Troubadour. Startlingly, this show is not sold out yet, so if the idea of seeing a band described as “a tender collective aglow with the spirit of ’60s baroque pop,” floats your whimsically painted rowboat, step aboard (gently).

Belle & Sebastian fans, if you don’t already have tickets…what the crap is wrong with you?!

Also, just to round out its Unofficial (read: I made this up) Scottish Pop Initiative 2004, the Troubadour will also be hosting The Trashcan Sinatras on October 8. I know that sounds far, far away, but this show WILL sell out and it’s one of only a handful of dates the band is playing in the U.S. Fax the Troubadour and pay a mere $2 service charge instead of the $7.50 Ticketmaster will wring from your cold, dead hands. But do it soon! The Troub’s box office is only open from 8-5 weekdays.

3 thoughts on “Say “Bishop Kennedy!””

  1. I’m pulling out my terry running shorts, but I’ve never heard of Camera Obscura, except for the one that used to be at the Cliff House. I’ll have to check this band out.

  2. while waiting in the long line for their merchandise, i saw Zach Galifianakis walking out from the concert. i guess he already has camera obscura shirts.

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