RES Event

Drats, each time there’s a local screening hosted by RES Magazine, I’ve got previous obligations preventing attendance. But hopefully some of you other LA kids can attend tomorrow’s event at the cinephile’s Egyptian Theatre at 8pm, which will include a Geoff McFetridge retrospective (a personal graphic design hero of mine), short films from Suk & Koch, Brett Simon, Cheryl Dunn, and new music videos from Placebo, Mr. Lif, Armand Van Helden, Supergrass and even those pasty middle-aged goth boys of the Cure. So while I’m sorting out finance matters that evening, I’d hope some of you could enjoy the show and say hi to resident dj Kiino Villand at the rooftop after-party hosted by HKM, Rock Fight and The Directors Bureau for me. And in relation to my previous post of unusual LA rides, be sure to check out the Soul Vibration Ice Cream Truck Mobile Sound System, an old ice cream truck that’s been converted into a DJ show on wheels.

2 thoughts on “RES Event”

  1. This is the only Res screening I haven’t been able to attend…and, dang it, the one with a Supergrass video, too. Last month’s was awesome.

  2. Also there will be a video of Thavies Beck directed by a friend of mine Ben Barnes. Dont miss.

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