Pimp This Ride

Gotta love this RatFink rodentmobile sitting outside on La Brea across the Hollywood Target.

I’d like to set out to collect more photos of the myriad of unusually adorned vehicles throughout Los Angeles, like the car I see periodically covered in seashells, or the van with built-in bird cages, or the compact completely covered in computer keyboard keys. Maybe I need to convert my car into the Blogging.la webcam mobile. But with these gas prices, I think I’d rather walk.

5 thoughts on “Pimp This Ride”

  1. We saw the Rat Fink ride on Saturday! Here’s one I snapped last January while northbound between Griffith Park and Atwater on the 5 Freeway.


    I’m also trying to get photos of what looks to be a Honda Del Sol that’s been turned into something an X-wing fighter replete with an R2 unit in the back. It’s often parked at the Griffith Park Observatory Annex across from the L.A. Zoo. Figures its owner would be a galaxy geek.

  2. There is also a car that someone has turned into a boot complete with a 4-5 foot part rising above the roof of the car. It’s crazy.

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