3 thoughts on “Went To SENT”

  1. nice images koga…

    The work was really cool, but even more fascinating was the “sent by the public” slideshow that ran on a loop against one wall. Anyone can be in the show just send the images from your phone to [email protected]….

  2. Wendy: At least with the “sent by the public” slideshow, Sean/Caryn/Xeni don’t have to cringe when exhibit visitors put their fingers up to the artwork, heh.

    Joz: There was a nice gathering of blogging.la folk last night (I hope I didn’t omit anyone here): Sean, Caryn, Xeni, Wil, Jason, R.G., Kathleen, Cybele, Will, Jay, 5000!, and oh yeah, me. Sorry you couldn’t make it! :(

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