July 8, 2004 at 1:05 am in Uncategorized

2004_07_08_pickup_load.jpgI saw this pickup truck carrying a rather precariously-situated load earlier tonight and couldn’t resist snapping a photo. I mean seriously, would you drive behind this ass-clown? Like I’m going to trust a thin strip of nylon to keep those boxes from falling out of there and hitting my car!

I ask this question because I’ve had recent two close-calls where I’ve avoided potential accidents because I didn’t drive behind the vehicles in question:

  • Driving on the 5 South towards Burbank, there was a flatbed tow truck, carrying a car, in the lane to my left. Suddenly, the front bumper(!) from the car on the flatbed suddenly flew off and fell somewhere behind the tow truck.
  • Driving on the 170 South towards Universal City, there was a multi-level car-carrier, carrying several cars, in the lane to my right. Suddenly, a windshield flew off one of the cars it was carrying and fell behind the semi truck.

I didn’t bother looking behind me to see if anyone got hit from the flying debris. I was pretty much in a different mental place at those times, just relieved by my lucky karmic goodness that my car didn’t get hit!

I’ve also had a few close-calls where drivers have rear-ended the cars in front of them, and those accidents have usually happened on surface streets and in the neighboring lane as well. And since I’ve usually had my windows down when they’ve happened, the sickening and sudden sound of metal crunching against metal is particularly loud.

Anyone have other similar close-calls? :o

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