Totally Built

bloodyboystee.jpgSorry to get all consumer whore on your asses, but Built by Wendy is having its Los Angeles sample sale today through Friday at 5635 Melrose Ave. (at Larchmont) from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

New York-based designer Wendy Mullin makes lots of rad stuff (like the Bloody-Faced Boys tee pictured here, which features jauntily rendered illustrations of Noah Taylor in “Flirting,” Bud Cort in “Harold & Maude,” Malcolm McDowell in “If…” and Adam Baldwin in “My Bodyguard”) that is frankly too expensive for poor moi when it’s not on sale.

Until she opens a store in L.A. (which is in the works), you can only score her stuff online or at the boutique in New York. Driving to Larchmont is much easier, plus you don’t risk airline-seat-induced blood clots. Nobody likes those.

Anyway, I plan to get the girly version of this tee shirt if they have it, so don’t steal my idea, okay?