The Rocket’s Smoky Glare

Is it just me or are there more home grown fireworks displays this year than in years past? It sounds like thunder or some sort of an attack is going on outside tonight.

I’m all for celebrating, I remember doing it when I was a kid, bottle rockets lined up in the mud on the banks of the river. But the density of the population in rural Pennsylvania was a little different … this is insane!

The canyons here in Silverlake are positively choked with smoke, I can smell the sulfur in the house. My only complaint is that all the all the neighbors need to get synched up … and let me know what my play list should be for watching it.

10 thoughts on “The Rocket’s Smoky Glare”

  1. in addition to the almost constant explosions since about 6 pm there’s been a non-stop howl of “bros” and “dudes” no dobut hi fiving each other after every spark. And lots of Cypress Hill blasting off in the background. This is not a complaint mind you.

  2. SM has the rocket’s red glare too. Boom. Boom. I was heading back on the 10 tonight from Wrightwood and saw many a display from the highway. I always wonder where they get those semi-Disneyland level arials anyway. I figure Mexico. I’ve been down there and bought some cool shit–you can light it off on the beach too!!

  3. Life During Wartime

    While doing the standard dogwalking lap around 9 p.m., the dog may have been undisturbed, but Susan and I were blown away by the nonstop amount of pyrotechnics detonating along all points of the compass รณ and the density of the smoke was outrageous. Heading east on Sunset I had to fight off the urge to bolt as a quick series of M-80 explosions sounding like Godzilla on the run marched toward our backs . Help Mr. Wizard!

  4. From my vantige point in Echo Park, our neighborhood enjoyed watching the amateur fireworks burtsting against the backdrop of downtown. The chaos of the evening and the spontenaity of dozens of locations shooting rockets into the air was more exciting than a professional, predictable display.

  5. On my way back to the San Fernando Valley from Manhattan Beach (traffic on the 405 North was ridiculous on the freeway around LAX so I wound up taking a bunch of side-streets to get home, I did notice quite a few major fireworks displays in the skies around El Segundo, etc.

    I’m sure the people in the ascending/descending planes found it really amusing too. :o

  6. Eagle Rock was, um, rockin’ all night too, with the same smoke-filled streets you describe in Silverlake. It was definitely the biggest year of pyro I’ve seen in a lonnnng time. Of course, we contributed mightily with our own high-flying aerials during our annual block party.

  7. Glad I’m not the only one who thought there was way more home grown stuff this year. I was also in that northbound 405 traffic (and then on the streets) from Torrance to Santa Monica and was amazed at how many explosions and lights were around me.

  8. I watched LA’s impression of downtown Baghdad from a rooftop in Venice, where I was privileged to see a home-brew firecracker veer off course and into an apartment window. Fun! Games! Fire! And the drum circle didn’t even miss a beat.

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