Have A Safe Fourth!

2004_07_03_accident.jpgSnapped a photo of this accident scene earlier tonight in Mar Vista, just southeast of the corner of Centinela and Palms. Yes, the pickup truck is standing on its left side!

I was only there for about a minute or two, snapping this very photo, before I got shooed away by a cop, who told me I needed to move away from the accident scene and that I couldn’t take any photos. WTF? As tasteless as taking accident photos can be (and the only reason I snapped this one was because of its severity), the last time I checked, it’s still legal. Anyways, I didn’t want to argue about it since I didn’t want to be on the receiving end of a flashlight beating, since that seems to be a recent standard procedure by the LAPD, so I called it a night and drove home.

Anyways, the whole point of this post is to emphasize the fact that there are going to be some crazy drivers out there this weekend, so be careful!

8 thoughts on “Have A Safe Fourth!”

  1. Last night at about 11:45 PM we were stuck on the 110 North for an extended period of time due to some insane wreck that blocked off 4 lanes of the free way, and required about 6 giant fire trucks.

  2. Yup, I carry around printed copies of “The Photographer’s Right” in my camera bag just in case. I also have a “what to do when stopped by the police” info card I downloaded from the ACLU, but I don’t know the URL offhand.

  3. Everyone: Thanks regarding the “Your Rights as a Photographer” PDF file. I’ve actually got it printed out but didn’t have it memorized or on me that night.

    Jason: No, sorry to disappoint you, but it’s just some debris. The victims had already been taken to the local hospitals by the time I got there. No sign of ambulance-chasing lawyers either.

  4. Personally I carry around my expired press pass – sure it should have been surrendered to the Sheriff’s Dept. upon “any change of employment,” but what the hell. It’s the one relic from my indentured journaliservitude with the L.A. Times that still has occasion to come in handy. I find that wearing it around my neck when I’ve wanted to photograph an accident or crime scene has the same effect on law enforcement as garlic does to a vampire.

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