The Best Game Ever!


ï Parking – $10
ï 2 Top Deck tickets (Aisle 5, Row B, Seats 116 & 117) – $12
ï 2 beers and 3 Dodger dogs – $27.50 (easy financing available)
ï Sharing a bag of peanuts with my baby – $5
ï And an ice cream sandwich – $3.50
ï Hearing “Barry Sucks! Barry Sucks!” echo throughout the left field corner even after he hit his 679th home run (and especially after he made an error in the 7th) and listening to 54,717 rock Dodger Stadium louder than I’ve ever heard when a Shawn Green double drove in Milton Bradley for the the lead in the fw.jpgbottom of the 8th and then Eric Gagne struck out the side for his 83rd consecutive save and a 5-4 win over the despised San Francisco Giants – Uh, that would be… $58

ï Fireworks afterward – Priceless

8 thoughts on “The Best Game Ever!”

  1. I want more fireworks pictures!

    (They looked pretty good from my house too – but way too many smiley faces.)

  2. Thanks Tom! I stitched the pic together out of four handheld images shot from left to right as I sat in my seat. The larger version a shows some of the imperfections that develop with a handheld panorama, but I’m still pleased with how it came out.

  3. Someone in a neighboring neighborhood had a little fireworks display of their own. And on their own they probably would have been pretty neat to see popping up in the sky, but to the left and not shooting anywhere near as high and mighty as the stadium fireworks, all they were capable of getting was an “Oh look, how cute”.

  4. My friends and I sat just about across from you — all the way over in the “fun section”, where emotions flare like a pre-fireworks show — and yeah, it was a great game!

    Not so fun getting out of the PLot afterward…

  5. Yeah, me & my guy drove up to the East side of Elysian Park and really enjoyed the long fireworks display… noticed the mini-display too, we kinda laughed at it! The best part was AC/DC “For Those About to Rock” blasting on the car stereo, in perfect time with the fireworks. Although I damn sure wished I was at the game, but every time I go to a Dodger game I spend so much $ on beers and dogs, so we decided we’d just pack a cooler & skip the game. Still, it was the kind of night that makes me glad to live in Echo Park.

  6. Oh yeah & how could I forget, did anybody see the moon rising over the park… beautiful!

  7. Oh yeah, the full moon was a wonderful find on the way out of the park afterward. It gave us something to look at for the half-hour it took to get out besides spinner rims, Calvin piss stickers, despondent Giants fans ó even an episode of Barney being shown on a backseat DVD screen in the SUV in front of us. I may be eternally grateful to Barney for saving my sanity during the Northridge Quake ( ), but don’t be subjecting me to his show during a slow-go!

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