Weird Science

tmous.gifIf you’ve got a craving for some irreverent, adult-themed, live sketch comedy (and who doesn’t?), then you need a heaping helping of The Ministry of Unknown Science and their Experiment IV.

Consider this your official briefing:

This experiment sees the Ministry return to their original-recipe secret laboratory in downtown Los Angeles.†The show’s length has been expanded AND they’ve brought back the bad-ass brass band stylings of LA’s Infamous Critical Brass. This homegrown happening is something that you won’t want to miss.

And hey, what the hell, everyone gets a free beer!

Brewery-dwelling pallies, you might as well amble over: It’s in your backyard. I believe you get the top-secret directions via e-mail after you make a reservation (which is required, but does not require cash up front and is fully cancelable).

Friends of mine are founders of MOUS and the first show I saw featured giant underpants, so you really can’t lose. The show starts tomorrow and runs weekends through the 19th.

FANCY UPDATE: The Ministry was interviewed on KPCC’s Talk of the City yesterday (scroll down for the RealAudio link). There’s even a clip to whet your appetite. Mmmmm…clip.


Juan Catalan works at his family run machine shop Tuesday, in the Sun Valley section of Los Angeles.
‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ clears murder suspect

Seen at

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” an HBO show known for its acerbic wit, accidentally helped deliver a happy ending to a man who had been charged with murder.

Juan Catalan spent 5 1/2 months in jail on murder charges before his attorney found video footage taken by the show at Dodger Stadium that backs up his client’s claims of innocence. [full story]

I bet that guy has a whole new appreciation for HBO and Dodger Dogs now.

Automated Responses Take Exactly How Long?

You remember back in February when that whacky mayor of San Francisco was lettin’ just any two humans be joined in the bonds of holy matrimony? Good times.

Well, I thought that was great and I thought there was another Californian who should know that I thought that was great. In fact, she used to be mayor of San Francisco, too.

So I joined up on the website and fired off a little letter to her about how important I thought it was and how I would hope that she would come around to the position that all folks should be allowed to shack up and create unions with whomever they damn well please.

Let me state again … this was February when I signed up and sent off that little note. Yesterday I got the following:
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Dear LA Weekly,

Please check your calendar, does it say 1996? No? Then why does your new website design think it is? Did you hire a designer using a time machine? Find a designer who has been in jail for the past 8 years? In case I’m beating around the bush too much, the facelife blows. I’d continue to insult you but I’m feeling a bit queezy after looking at those colors.

P.S. – Mack Reed has a lot more to say about this than I do.

Oh Jenna, Oh Tera!


(Photos courtesy of Defamer.)

So Defamer mentioned that Vivid Video erected (huh-huh) billboards of mega-pornstars Jenna Jameson (NSFW) and Tera Patrick (NSFW) to promote their upcoming releases “The Masseuse” and “Tera, Tera, Tera.”

But after seeing the photos of Jenna’s billboard, I’m wondering how long they will stay, um, up (poor word choice) before nearby residents and business owners complain and have it taken down?

And while we’re at it, where are the photos of Tera’s billboard?! :(

Die Hard (At Least Your Wallet Will)


The best part of the original Die Hard (1988) is not Bruce Willis as John McClane… not Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber… and not even the fact that it’s still, without a doubt, one of the best action films to date.

It’s seeing the price of gas in a shot (about 46:12 into the film) that pans up Nakatomi Plaza.

74 cents for regular and 77 cents for unleaded!

Holy shit!

At this point, I can’t even remember gas costing double that price!

Guess those days are never coming back, eh? :(

Is anyone going? Know anyone getting hitched?

West Hollywood’s Mass Gay Wedding and Commitment Ceremony

When: Tuesday, June 01 2004 @ 08:00 PM PDT – 12:00 AM PDT
Where: The Abbey
692 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069
Description: Wedding Bells to Ring at The Abbey!

Ceremonies Kick-off National Gay Pride Month

Margaret Cho to Preside, Mayor Duran to Officiate, Pepper MaShay & Gay
Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles
to Sing “Amazing Grace”

Live worldwide feed of the ceremony on the Sundance Channel

Marriage training seminars onsite by GLAAD

Couples interested in participating in the ceremony should register at for more information.

This event is FREE and open to the public.

Rance Outed!

LA’s most famous sekrit blogger might not be anymore. This weekend some of the posse were discussing how to do just thig, but seems we’ve been beaten to the punch. Alex Boese at the Museum of Hoaxes drops science all over Rance’s ass and outs him as not the A-lister he claimes to be, but a cartoonist/filmmaker/screenwriter named Keith Thomson. It’s not confimed, but he’s got some good backup:

I think Rance is a cartoonist/filmmaker/screenwriter named Keith Thomson. Here’s my reasoning. What immediately struck me about Rance’s weblog was that it attracted a very high number of comments from very early on. Within two hours after Rance posted his first entry on December 29, 2003, four people had left comments on his site. Most weblogs, by contrast, struggle to get anyone to read them, let alone leave comments. So how was he attracting so many visitors to his site straight off the bat? What I discovered was that immediately after Rance posted his first entry on Dec. 29 at 4:49 EST, someone going by the screen name ‘InvaderFromPluto’ began posting messages about his weblog on various fan discussion groups. For instance, at 5:52, about one hour after Rance had posted his first entry, a message from InvaderFromPluto appears on Yahoo’s thematthewperryplace message board. It reads:

i read slate reported a famous tv actor keeping a weblog under pseudonym “rance” at it’s hard to know if it is him, but it might be as it is funny and seems witty in his sort of way

Obviously Slate hadn’t written anything about Rance’s weblog. Rance’s weblog, at that time, was only an hour old. So how did InvaderFromPluto know about Rance’s weblog so quickly, and why was he so interested in promoting it? Perhaps InvaderFromPluto was Rance himself. Makes sense to me.

(via BoingBoing)

Where to go for a good banging…

Photo from
…on drums, that is.

More specifically, African drums.

Motherland Music sells/repairs instruments, provides lessons and even has a free drumcircle every Saturday night.

And if you don’t want to go all the way to Culver City, you can learn a lot about African drums, shakers/rattles, and other musical instruments online at their website:
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