Finding pauline…


My friend Shari comes down every summer to do an ongoing internship at giant robot magazine. We share the same sensibility of shoe style although we cant trade since she’s a smaller size than me. She’s a cool chick, no angelina jolie (i mean, who really is?) but she is an 1337 h4x0r….well, she did back door into the head of the meteorology dept and down load the tests so I guess that makes her an acidburn which happens to be miss jolies greatest role. So maybe shari is jon voight’s daughter.

So shari dials me into this place called the barcade. Super secret she says. Don’t tell anyone. Ok, I won’t “tell” anyOne. Outside of koreatown, off western, is this non descript door, where a flight of old stairs lead up to a small room with 12 video games ranging from joust to paper boy. And two pinball machines for the casual player. A 3 foot bar to the right serving alcohol to anyone without an id, a dj blasting 80’s song, and not the one hit wonder ones either, while people are smoking packs inside this humid sweatshop of a room. At midnight, it gets uncontrollably crowded which is good cuz I don’t like people dancing while I’m trying to defeat my donkey kong. We leave before our clothes gets drenched with sweat and nicotine. As we exit the now people lined stairs, its too late, we smell like stink.

I, myself am not “cool” or even “korean”. But thats ok. As long as I got friends that are cool to me, I’ll have a good time anywhere. Particularly with miss jolie.

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  1. If you go north on western, and than east on second, its next to the bar with a green sign on the left hand side. Barcade itself is not listed, just this black door next to the korean bar with a korean sign. Thats all I can say cuz thats all there is to it.

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