Ok, bed is a go. What about ink?

I need more tats. That’s all there is to it. I’m marking a new chapter to my life and I need a marker. I will skip food and luxury for a new tat. I need recommendations with testimonials. Tat’s are totally subjective so I need to see work with these. Almost all of the good artists I know are back in Chicago and could only afford if I mortgaged my non-existent house and sold my ass on Santa Monica. Not gonna happen. So if you’ve gotten good ink in LA/Hollywood hook me up with referrals. Must be local!

The first tat I want to add onto is a little tribal on my right arm so hit me with the best freeform tribal guys/gals you have. Yes I have a tat done by a girl so I’m not biased. It was in Dublin and she had this totally HOT accent so she could have given me one of those gay ass Taz tats and I’d love it though. no offense to the gay crowd. It’s a hetero thing.

22 thoughts on “Ok, bed is a go. What about ink?”

  1. Yoni Tattoo on Ventura out in the Valley is a decent place, “Julie” the owner and you would get along famously!

  2. PATRICK! What the fucks up man! You need to move back!

    Why would we get along famously? Email me your number. I wanna catch up!

  3. WTF? I’m looking at my reply to Patrick and the whole “Why would we get along famously?” line is totally not mine. Sounds pretty gay actually. If I wasn’t a zombie I’d dig into MT and figure out where it came from…

  4. Dude, you’ll be selling more than your ass if you go to mr. cartoon…
    He’s definitely the best in l.a., and his shop is about 50 feet from my loft, but you’ve gotta be a rock star to afford his tats – he does a credit check before even considering you, and supposedly there’s like a 6 month waiting list

  5. dude, no offense, but “Taz” is a gay-ass tat and a tribal band isn’t? um, the tribal band is SO homo-circa-1994… c’mon, you can do better… and BTW they look really really stupid when you hit your 40s (trust me, I see those guys who got in W. Ho all the time… eek)

  6. Mr. Cartoon is indeed rad, but Estevan and he are two different people.

    I’ve had work done by Julie Becker. She’s totally hot and does great work and apprenticed under a pretty well known artist who’s name I’ve totally forgotten. She used to be at Purple Panther (which is a great shop as well) but now works by appt. only. The last number I had for her is 323.572.0522. I’m sure she’d be happy to show you her portfolio.

  7. I wasnt gonna say it, but Eric is right about the tribal. I think by this point star jones and my fictional 8 year old sister have tribals…
    They looked cool for a minute, but they just dont mean anything anymore (except poseur).
    If you do decide on mr. cartoon (or if you dont), and this tat is in recognition of you moving to l.a. it’s probably fitting to get some fly ass Azteca xicana tattooed on your back, maybe the happy + sad clown faces. Even though i’m not religious I think the finest tattoo one can get (and which also has l.a. relevance) is the Virgin Mary of Guadelupe, or the sacred heart of Jesus. Muy chingon!

  8. Only reason I was talking tribal is I have one that I wanted expanded upon that I’ve had for like 12 years. I might do something different and creative with it though. I didn’t know Natasha from Skellramics did tats so that’s the coolest thing I’ve heard. We’ll be talkin Slappin ;-)

  9. my friend and neighbor at the brewery is an absolutely awesome tat artist and extremely cool in general:
    kim durham
    check out her website: http://www.breweryink.com
    by appointment only at her studio
    by appointment and walk-ins at prix body adornment – in h’wood, i believe –
    fri, sat only.
    (kathleen knows her too, if that helps)
    have fun!

  10. Pat Fish is a stellar tattoo artist whose studios is in Santa Barbara. Her work is some of the most smooth, alive-looking designs I’ve seen.


    If you’d rather have another inker or need work done immediately — she’s booked well in advance, so don’t just drive up on a whim — you can ask her to draw a custom unique pattern for you and then take it to your own artist.


    Oh yeah, she’s kind of Irish, too. It’s a long story.

  11. if you’re willing to go to pasadena, there’s incognito tattoo on colorado, east of oldtown. jason did my dragon and i loooooove it!

  12. Pat Fish is a legend, her Celtic work is amazing. I have never been so lucky as to journey to her studio. I though she was planning on retiring to Ireland or somewhere over there soon. However Eric Blair at Sunset Strip Tattoo does beautiful color work & Asian designs.

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