Mutant Squirrel

2004_06_27_fat_squirrel.jpgSo some friends and I killed some time yesterday by heading up to the Griffith Park Observatory to see how far the renovation has gotten and to check out the view of the city from up there. As far as parking goes, you can now drive all the way up to the parking lot for the observatory, park there, and walk around.

Our view of the city was unfortunately marred by the June gloom haze (which I actually don’t mind at all for the sake of cool temperatures). And while I was snapping some photos, I heard a rustle from beyond the chain link fence. I looked down, noticed it was a squirrel, and snapped a photo of it. It wasn’t until later that I realized just how big it was. Holy cow! What the hell has that thing been gorging on?! :o

4 thoughts on “Mutant Squirrel”

  1. Not to get too Animal Planet on you, but what it looks like you encountered is a very healthy representative of the Eastern fox squirrel species, the largest tree squirrel in the North America (introduced to California, not native). They can measure up to 29 inches in total length and weigh in at three pounds. Typically they eat acorns, nuts, fruits and seeds, sometimes flowers and buds, along the occasional insect and bird’s egg. Though opportunistic, the only “garbage” they eat would be discarded fruits, nuts, and vegetables such as corn.

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