Automotive Eyesores Update!


Meanwhile, I saw this ridiculous Ford Expedition leaving the observatory parking lot, and had to snap a photo as it was leaving.

This thing was screaming “Bling, bling!” for all the wrong reasons:

  1. The pissing Calvin sticker.
  2. The spinning rims.
  3. The hanging testicles(!), which you might notice are being restrained. Does the driver not have the proverbial “balls” to let them hang loose for everyone to see? (After that discussion about automotive eyesores, Joz, this is actually the first time I’ve actually seen someone’s car in LA with that ridiculous decoration).
  4. The type of music being blasted. Why is it when people blast their music, I *never* have the inclination to roll down my window and ask them, “Hey, what’s that song? That fucking rocks!”
  5. The driver was a young Asian punk. He was *not* representin’! :(

4 thoughts on “Automotive Eyesores Update!”

  1. wow, an eyesore indeed! I wonder if at night it has all those “cool” neon lights all over it? That would make it just about perfect.

  2. Hmmm. wonder if I should get some. . . that didn’t come out right. Maybe a set of blue balls… nope, already have those.

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