“The American Classic”

tbird.jpgLately, we’ve been brunching at Campanile a lot. It’s a decadent choice, but everything is just so gosh-darn tasty.

Anyhoo, on either side of the front dining room is a large glass case, one featuring wheels of fancy cheese, the other featuring bottles of fancy wine…with one exception.

The picture’s crappy, but you’re gonna have to trust me on this one: The center wine on the center shelf is a well-aged bottle of Thunderbird.

Also, today I had a taste of really moldy cheese from the cheese counter there. Seriously, it was furry. And tasty. Like a little pet you can eat.

(Say, Will, how do you make sure a photo doesn’t encroach on the entry below

3 thoughts on ““The American Classic””

  1. Hey B,

    Never tried T-bird, but I’m a big fan of Boone’s Farm (especially their Sangria √≥yum!). Not quite clear on what you’re looking for regarding your image. You can always try manually resizing it a bit smaller so that you kill any excess whitespace and the end of the text and the bottom of the pic line up. Doing that is a trial and error thing though, usually involving a calculator to find the percentages of the pixels you’d want to reduce or enlarge the height and width of a file.

    I find it easier just to add another prosaic line or two of my deathless ramblings.

  2. what?!
    no md20/20???!
    (do you still have the link to that site that so eloquently ranked the rank wines?)

    sounds like the sense of humor is intact at campanille. i missed my book group meeting that was to bruch at campanille after seeing the arbus show at lacma, having read the biography.

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