Guns of Brixton (or Berkley)

Anyone else hear all those gun shots in silverlake last night? When I lived in Chicago this happened all the time, and sometimes in our front yard, but it’s been pretty rare since moving west. Last night, about 10 PM and midnight there were distinct shots fired. Maybe just at coyote’s or something but still one of those things you aren’t quite used to hearning in your living room.

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  1. I’m pretty sure those were actually fireworks. Somebody has been shooting off fireworks just down the street from us nightly. I first thought it was gunshots too until I heard some of the “screaming” variety fireworks shot a little after a few bangs. Maybe they’re shooting off guns AND fireworks!

  2. these were just one shot, and definitely a gun. I can say that having had probably more than my share of shooting guns and lightning off fireworks.

  3. As I discovered last year, around my neck of the hood south of Sunset, there isn’t so much a July 4 celebration as there is a fireworks season that begins about a week before Independence Day and continues about two weeks after. The consensus appears to be that you can just never fire off enough goddam Whistling Petes. And the M80s that detonate are my all-in *favorite.*

    I’m hoping to get some good audio of one of them going kaboom.

  4. sorry to hear that the fireworks/gunshots kept you up. i just moved from los feliz/silverlake to the westside, and i’m loving my quiet nights. i was jolted awake nightly by the symphony of gunshots, car alarms, and clip clopping of hooker heels. hope the sounds subside!

  5. I live south of Sunset as well, however fireworks season in my neighborhood lasts all year. Last weekend was a fireworks marathon that began at 7am Sunday and lasted late into the evening. Day or night, doesn’t matter. Between the dueling car alarms, mariachi music, incessant honking, helicopters and ice cream trucks I’m ready to lose my mind. At least the homeless people who sleep on my building’s doorstep are quiet.

  6. but did you hear the multiple gunshots sunday night in silverlake? i did, cuz they were shot in the alley behind my apartment on parkman. it was late sunday night. multiple gunshots followed by a gand of cops cars and two ghetto birds. turns out the shots were aimed at an undercover cop. i was wondering why the cops showed up soo fast. the cop was fine.. unfortunately.

  7. “the cop was fine.. unfortunately.”

    Aw now “Ritzy”, you didn’t REALLY mean that right? You just wrote that because you’re a button pusher who finds it fun to incite people like me into a fervor against cop-hating sunzabeaches of the lowest order and odor, right? RIGHT?

  8. Remember (and for you new transplants), LA had to have billboards telling people not to shoot their guns off during the 4th of July…because you know bullets shot in the air, well, they have to come down too. Doh!

  9. We saw an inkling of the incident Ritzy mentioned as we drove from downtown westbound on Sunset on Sunday night.

    There was a heck of a lot of caution tape & police cars on Parkman. But I don’t know anything about undercover cops or anything.

  10. now of course I wouldn’t wish death upon anyone, not even my worst enemy, but a good beat down is not out of the question. perhaps a few of the readers either have had no contact with police or have had nothing but positive experiences. being a female of color sans rap sheet, I’ve had nothing but negative experiences. cops have terrorized neighborhoods for years. but yes shooting guns in the air or any direction is not good timers.

  11. “…but a good beat down is not out of the question.”

    Yer killin’ me here Ritzy, lofting up these softball advocations of violence and then playing the race case as if you’re now somehow entitled to be so inflammatory and prejudiced ó ESPECIALLY in the wake of the recent “beat down” caught on tape in Compton that harkens so ill back to Rodney King. I’m guessing those assaults might be out of the question for you…. or maybe not? Oh and for the record, I’m a colorless white guy whose experiences with The Man have never been tea and cakes either. No doubt you’ll argue that my caucasian ass ain’t seen even a 10th of the trouble you have, but this isn’t about comparing scars ó it’s about moving beyond them. Try it sometime.

  12. Yeah, I live South of Sunset on Benton Way and we were still up at 3 am last night, when someone actually shot out a car window on the street. I’ve lived on this street for 5 years, but it seems like there is alot more crime this summer so far. Someone shot out my bedroom wintdow with a BB gun in April (probably punk kids.) And the other day I was walking my dogs and a police chase came right down Benton, complete with helicopters. I am starting to tire of it, but I do love the neighborhood and I can’t move anyway becuase dog-friendly housing is damn near impossible to find.

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