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Probably the best place to take either a leisurely stroll or a more serious run in Silver Lake is around the reservoir. For awhile I was running regularly from my flat near Sunset Junction to the reservoir, with an additional lap and then back home at vampiric hours of 1-3am when nothing but the moon is out and you can enjoy your breathing and footsteps instead of honking cars and fumes. But once every few trips out I would be joined by a wild canine companion: a coyote. The coyote seems to be one of several that live in the reservoir compound and sometimes would run parallel, as if racing (I’ve also seen a couple of coyotes stroll down are street in the very early morning hours, likely scavanging trash). Pretty damn rad running companion if you ask me.

Yesterday I was running at more reasonable hour of around 6pm, coming around the curve where Silver Lake Blvd. hits Armstrong Ave. And lo and behold, a single coyote was standing nearby the gate just watching the hubbub of traffic. Slim and a bit rough around the edges, but with the recognizable stare similar to your neighborhood bow wow. I stopped and just stood there behind the gate, maybe just 10 ft between us, happy to know some wild life survives in the city. But also a little sad these coyotes are separated from their canine family in the greater sized Griffith Park just a few miles away. After about a minute, it ducked into the nearby bushes and disappeared to do whatever coyotes do in the early evening.

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  1. Awesome post! But don’t despair any separation of Silver Lake’s coyotes from their brethen in Griffith Park. If they’re in our neck of the woods it’s because food is plentiful and the living is easy (at least by coyote standards). Highly adaptable, mobile and intelligent, if it wasn’t there’s little doubt they’d find a way out and hoof it on over into the Hollywood Hills.

    Of course there are the tragic stories of pets and children being attacked, and my heart goes out to anyone who suffered because of a coyote, but they remain one of my favorite creatures and one of the few animals to actually proliferate despite reduced habitat and man’s expansion (and our efforts to destroy them).

  2. I had an interesting run-in with the pack at the reservoir anbout 2 years ago- we were hanging out one night at that park near the Rec Center & basketball courts, with my 2 dogs… my Boston Terrier, Duggan, was just a wee pup, and my pit-lab Angel was about 3. The pack made a clever manuever- several coyotes distracted Angel while one larger coyote scooped up my tiny Boston in his jaws and tried to make off under the fence with him. Luckily Angel saw what was happening and raced to save his brother just in time. Makes for a good story but it was pretty scary at the time.

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