Encino Crime Watch

A while back when I mentioned my friend in Encino who…

…Within a two block radius of her workplace, my friend also said that they also had a police shoot out at IHOP, a homicide/suicide at a marriage counselor’s office, and arson on the temple next door, all within the last year. I know what part of Encino I’m staying away from.

Guess what?

Her building is in lockdown.

As she hears it, a police chase ended in their garage and one of her co-workers just saw someone get arrested. But supposedly, someone is still around… hence, the lockdown.

She had to tell me right away since (as she said to me) “I just know you thrive on that stuff.”

I do?!?!?

I just think it’s amazing that so much crime happens near/around that building. What if we’ve discovered the gateway to Hell and it’s in Encino!?

One thought on “Encino Crime Watch”

  1. Wouldn’t suprise me in the slightest. I know for a fact there is a 7-11 in Tarzana which is a hellmouth. You can’t go in there, any time of the day or night, without seeing a demonic creature of some kind. Plus it smells like uncleaned Slurpee spigot. I hate the Valley.

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