Oh Jenna, Oh Tera! Update


Speaking of the adult industry, on the drive home tonight, I decided to take a detour and finally check to see if Jenna Jameson‘s (NSFW) “The Masseuse” and Tera Patrick‘s (NSFW) “Tera, Tera, Tera” billboards were still, um, erected on the Sunset Strip atop the Rainbow Bar and Grill.


And as I had speculated would happen, Jenna’s is *gone*, replaced by another billboard.


However, Tera’s is still up, but it’s *tiny*. If you drove by it, you wouldn’t even know it was there! I still made sure to snap some photos of it though.

I have to admit that for the outdoor patrons of the restaurant, it must’ve been an odd sight for them to see me walk up, snap some photos paparazzi-style, and leave. ^_^

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