runnin’ with the devil

Last weekend, Anne and I ran in the Suzuki Rock-n-Roll Marathon down in San Diego. We did it as a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society; specifically for our friend Kris, who was diagnosed with Leukemia. She’s in complete remission, now, but she was in the middle of radiation and chemo the entire time we were training and fundraising, and checked in with us daily on fundraising totals . . . I think it helped her stay positive, knowing that tens of thousands of WWdN readers contributed over 28,000 dollars to our team.

The marathon was incredibly hard, but also incredibly rewarding, and I can’t wait to do it again . . . which brings me to the point of this post: I’ve been getting up at 6 every morning since I got back to run, walk, or run / walk. I just got back from an hour-long 4.1 mile jaunt around the neighborhood, and I feel GREAT!

Right now, I’m just someone who runs, but I can feel in my soul (and my aching legs and feet) that I’m on my way to being A Runner.

So,, a question: how active are we, as a group? Would there ever be any interest in forming some sort of informal running team, and do some 5K fun runs around town? Maybe even to the LA Marathon next year, or in 2006?

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  1. Congrats, Wil… and I’m in! Last year I did the 23-miles of the L.A. Marathon bike tour and then met Cybele and we proceeded to walk the entire 26.2 (in bad socks and blisters and 8 hours). My plan was to do the same this past March (minus the bad socks and blisters) but a bout with the flu nd a sudden rush of wisdom kept me off my feet after doing the bike tour. If I can get past a knee injury I’ve incurred, my goal for next year’s L.A. Marathon is to bike it and run i(uh, jog) it and I’m aiming for a sub-five hour finish. Now’s as good a time to start training as any.

  2. I’m down with walking the marathon again in 2005. I’m planning on starting the early training in October (12 miles a week) and intense training in January (20 miles a week up to 30 miles a week before March).

    My goal is a brisk pace to get me in around 6 hours.

  3. Anything having to do with walking I’m totally down with. I walk to the top of Runyon Canyon in Hollywood several times a week and love it! I’d love to run but 13 years of skateboarding killed my knees and another 10 years of sitting at a desk writing code did in the rest ;-) But if there are any walking endeavors to be had count me in!

  4. Wil-

    I was a runner LAST year. (I ran the 2003 LA Marathon after training with the L.A. Leggers for six months.) I haven’t run since. But I need to get back in shape. I’ve run a bunch of 5 and 10k’s in my day, so when you’re ready to register for one here in town, let me know and I’m in. Surely there are some other bloggers out there who run. Or runners who blog. Or someone who something.

  5. I’m down to run on a regular basis with any other folks. I normally run anywhere between a 5K and 8 miles, normally from Sunset Junction down to near the LA River and back. 5K runs would be great since anyone can do those and the brisk pace is enjoyable. Maybe a team for a relay race later on?

  6. I started running in April. A task that I would have never done on my own but my friend was training for the marathon and asked me to run the last 6 miles with her. I hesitantly said I would. One to always keep a promise, I practiced nearly every day. And guess what I found out? I actually enjoy running. I am by no means a “runner” but would love to turn into one…please count me in…

  7. i would love to have someone to run with–maybe work up to a 5k. i usually run from sunset junction to Gelson’s & back to keep it short, but i want to start going further again. i was up to 4 miles last summer, before school kicked in–still really slow, but… it usually takes the commitment of having to meet a running partner for that though. i also do runyon canyon once a week and am ready to do the hard loop, instead of lame paved part.

  8. Heh, you guys are too active (and granted, this is coming from a guy whose idea of a workout is *bowling*).

    I’m content with cheering you guys on from the sidelines! ^_^

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