Without a net

They’ve been walking a tightrope all season long, nearly falling off innumerable times, but always able to teeter back into balance, just. Tonight, the improbable team’s season came to an end, not with a championship, but with hard lessons learned.

You could blame it on egos. You could blame it on desire, or passion. You could blame it on injuries, blown opportunities, lack of hustle, or poor shooting. You could blame it on the peculiar referring, if you wanted. You might even throw the Pistons a bone and congratulate them on some stellar defense.

But no matter what the reason — or rather, reasons — for this final tumble, I think we can agree on two things for sure:

First, everyone knows the soap opera for this team isn’t over yet. The players who may or may or not be back next year is pretty staggering, and who knows if the Zen Master will be meditating in L.A. or fishing in Alaska.

And second, we can all agree that even if the Lakers didn’t win, at least the Sacramento Kings didn’t either. ;)

Good Night, Lakers. Thanks for the roller-coaster ride. Better luck next year.