We need some help over here!

My friend Jenn has a problem and needs some help. She has 2 dogs at a no-kill shelter but they can’t keep them to find them homes. Well shit. Let her explain. Here’s the post from her site. Drop her a few bucks to save a few pooches will ya? Clicking the read more link below will show her post.

As some of you may know, I have 2 dogs in a no-kill shelter called the EE Ranch that need homes.

I used to have 4 dogs, and my landlady did not mind, but she sold the house, and the new owner is sticking to my lease terms: two dogs only, so Jack and Bodhi, long story short, after a failed attempt at a new home which landed them in the pound, are safely at the EE Ranch.

Here is the catch: I have to come up with $1000.00 to convince this shelter to take them permanently and find them loving homes.

So, my friend, Annette, and I are holding a fundraiser/BBQ.

When: June 13th

Where: Griffith Park, entrance off of Los Feliz near Western. Exact tables will be announced. We will put up signs to lead you to our location.

Time: 1pm ñ 5 pm

The Donation is $10 bucks for all you can eat hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, potato salad, and, KABOOM, from the Derby Dolls has volunteered to donate cakes from her business for this event.

IF you bring booze, please put it in containers that donít look suspicious, since booze is prohibited in the park.

ALL of the money donated goes to the EE Ranch for the safekeeping and well-being of Jack and Bodhi.

Wanna see my boys?

Go to http://malibupetcompanions.org/medlarge2.html and scroll down.

I will be selling tickets, or you can just show up and donate at the event.

Thanks to everyone in advance for your help.

One thought on “We need some help over here!”

  1. This is definitely a good cause to save some helpless pups. It is also a good time for others who are considering taking on the responsibility of pet ownership to think about if they are ready to shoulder the burden. When your own housing situation is essentially transient, it is a good idea to realize that you might have to move or make sacrifices to fufill the commitment you make when you adopt a pet.

    Very seldom does a pet owner ever want to give up their pet or place them in a shelter. It also seems that many pet owners don’t consider everything that is involved with owning a pet when they are swept up in the emotion of bring the cute furry bundle into their homes.

    My comment isn’t an indictment of Jenn, but a plea to others to think before they add a pet to their household.

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