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In a never ending special segment called “Calling people on their shit” I’d like to point out a newly formed LA Web Design company called Exopolis. If you’re looking for a firm with gobs of moral integrity move along. After reading the bio of co-founder Jared Mazzaschi I found a minor flaw. He claims to have been “technical lead responsible for building numerous blockbuster film websites (TombRaider, Vanilla Sky, Rat Race).” Now since I was the technical lead along with Bill Snebold I can safely point out that Mr. Jared is full of shit. I’m sure the page will change soon enough but I wanted to put it out for public record that they are liars. Nothing new in this town but hopefully some future client will google for Exopolis and find this entry. Have a nice day Jared.

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  1. I don’t know as that is the truth either Bill, but I fixxed the error on my site. You both were the “technical leads” . As for that being an indication of the strength of my character (or lack there-of) I’ll leave it to the people that know me to decide. Sorry to offend you both so.

  2. I didn’t realize Jared would have taken this so personally or I might not have bothered posting anything. To set the record straight(er), Jared did more than design some wallpapers. At least on one of the sites mentioned, Tomb Raider, I do remember that he helped program some of the sections in flash. I truly don’t remember what his participation was on Rat Race and Vanilla Sky (but I know it wasn’t “technical lead”).

    When it’s all said and done, I happen to like Jared and enjoyed working with him. I wish their company well and I’m sure, in the future, he’ll put a more critical eye on what their PR people write about him.

  3. I never had a problem with Jared and he does some mean karaoke but I have a less than zero tolerance policy for people taking credit for someone else’s work and to write that in the first place is bullshit. Plain and simple so I don’t give a rat’s ass if he takes it personally. It’s stealing and it’s fraud and I don’t tolerate it. Period.

  4. Jared wrote: “As for that being an indication of the strength of my character (or lack there-of) I’ll leave it to the people that know me to decide.”

    I don’t know you Jared, but I’ve decided you handled such an intentional defamation of you and your company with diplomacy and tact.

  5. On the contrary, defamation is an attack of one’s reputation, not requiring a verifiable falsehood. One could defame me by saying “Will Campbell is thieving loser who talks out of his ass,” but whether it’s true or a lie that I am a thieving loser and/or actually converse via my butt is a subjective matter of opinion and ultimately irrelevant. The defamation is still there.

  6. I was taking a layman’s view of “to defame” as more along the lines of “to insult.” From a legal definition, in matters of libel and slander you are correct.

  7. “Malign” would be a good compromise, as the veracity–or lack of– of the offending statements is not mandatory.

    In any case, in Texas, they have a particularly interesting interpretation of the word “defame.” A few days after my arrival in Autin in 1985, a Jaguar-driving yuppie pissant, undoubtedly annoyed by my Massachusetts license plates and corresponding driving style, took it upon himself to teach me a lesson in Texan civility by criticizing my parking technique. Using the vocabulary that I had painstakingly acquired as a result of my many years in Boston and New York, I told him to “Fuck off!” , parked my vehicle and went inside a supermarket. I came out with my six-pack of Lone Star longnecks and a fifth of Wild Turkey only to be approached by two (2!) Texas-size cops who informed me that the gentleman in the Jaguar had accused me of “defaming” him, and that he was threatening to file charges unless I were to apologize. I responded that I had not “defamed” him, but merely used a colorful expression–very much in vogue in the northeast–in lieu of the more banal “Good-bye, Sir.” The cops told me that I had indeed defamed him and that failure to apologize could cost me up to $250, although I could probably avoid being sent to Huntsville. Being low on cash, I apologized by saying that I regretted having used a language so foreign and offensive to genteel Texan ears, and by saying that I was quite sorry that–contrary to everything that I had been taught–Texans required the intervention of the police to settle their differences.The pissant didn’t like that kind of apology, but the cops laughed. Turns out the “defamed” party was from California.

  8. Jason,
    I just happened to work with you and a few other people at a certain graphics house in B.H. when the Tomb Raider site was being built. I have to admit, that in between our games of Q3 you, riggs, and pat managed to get quite a bit of work one on that site. Although I came on towards the end, I can more than attest to the fact that this dude is full of shit….

  9. Wow, you’re a real vindictive bitch Jason. Someone with some fucking honor would have approached him man to man, instead of posting some shit like a fucking little girl. I’ve known Jared for 15 years and he is one of the most honest and true-blue guys I’ve ever known ñ he treats everyone with respect and doesn’t back stab motherfuckers unlike some of your other DNA cronies whom will remain unnamed.
    Bottom line, he made a mistake and corrected it but when someone googles his name your fucking pissy post comes up. Why don’t you step up and kill this thread.

  10. Because I don’t want to. It’s there to teach shitheads like Jared a lesson. On the net shit doesn’t go away. So why don’t you go back the the rock you crawled out from under and go fuck yourself.

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