Die Hard (At Least Your Wallet Will) Update!


Updating Tuesday’s post about the ARCO gas station as seen in Die Hard (1988), it appears that the intersection where Sgt. Powell looks at Nakatomi Plaza (now Fox Plaza) is located at W. Olympic Blvd. and Bellwood Ave.

It’s from this intersection that he looks in a northeastern direction towards Ave. of the Stars.


Clues as to where the intersection is located (as seen in the above screenshot) include the blue street sign that is to the left of Powell’s left shoulder, as well as the lit Holiday Inn Express staircase that is to the right of the gas prices.


Unfortunately, the gas station no longer exists, as there is currently a vacant lot in its place with a fence running around it.

(Special thanks to my friend Ron for providing insight and a photo of the intersection that was snapped on Friday night.)