Paging Patients

I don’t even know what sort of heading to file this under.

I went to the S. Mark Taper Imaging Center this morning for a test and after signing in and signing away some of my privacy rights, I was issued this little puppy. Called a Coaster Call. Something you’d get at Chili’s on a busy Saturday night.

Now, first, I’m not complaining, I think it’s great that instead of having someone come out and butcher your name in front of 30 other people (it was a large waiting area that seemed to service the two story facility) they’ve got these discreet pagers that let you know when they’re ready to take you back for your probing.

But it seems that they could come up with a different shape for the medical ones than the ones they use for bars and restaurants …

On another note, I have to say that it was one of the nicest medical experiences I’ve ever had. It was more like what I imagine a spa experience to be like. They were nice when I made the appointment, let me know where to park, validated me, the waiting rooms was roomy and quiet and had good magazines and it was all running efficiently on time.

Okay, the test itself wasn’t exactly a picnic, but the rest of the package was well worth the price of admission. Go ahead – take the virtual tour!

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