Weird Science

tmous.gifIf you’ve got a craving for some irreverent, adult-themed, live sketch comedy (and who doesn’t?), then you need a heaping helping of The Ministry of Unknown Science and their Experiment IV.

Consider this your official briefing:

This experiment sees the Ministry return to their original-recipe secret laboratory in downtown Los Angeles.†The show’s length has been expanded AND they’ve brought back the bad-ass brass band stylings of LA’s Infamous Critical Brass. This homegrown happening is something that you won’t want to miss.

And hey, what the hell, everyone gets a free beer!

Brewery-dwelling pallies, you might as well amble over: It’s in your backyard. I believe you get the top-secret directions via e-mail after you make a reservation (which is required, but does not require cash up front and is fully cancelable).

Friends of mine are founders of MOUS and the first show I saw featured giant underpants, so you really can’t lose. The show starts tomorrow and runs weekends through the 19th.

FANCY UPDATE: The Ministry was interviewed on KPCC’s Talk of the City yesterday (scroll down for the RealAudio link). There’s even a clip to whet your appetite. Mmmmm…clip.

3 thoughts on “Weird Science”

  1. My neighbors are fantastic. Their shows are always excellent.

    Bronwyn, if you’re going, you should stop by a little early and we can grab a drink at the bar.

  2. I’m tentatively planning for one of next weekend’s shows, and grabbing (and drinking) a drink sounds keen to me.

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