Did anyone else just hear that?

We have the radio on in the office and we are listening to some “BIG” radio station in town & someone was trying to answer the following questions to win some prize:

1) What is the name of the prickly plant that lives in the desert?
2) What is the name of the fictional character who lived in Sherwood Forest with his Merry Men and stole from the rich and gave to the poor?
3) How many states are in the United States?

Here were the answers that the call-in contestant gave:
1) (After much hesitation) Cactus? [Correct]
2) (Relatively quickly) Robin Hood. [Correct]
3) (After a pause) 52… [WRONG!] I mean… wait…

[Announcer says “sorry” and moves on. Meanwhile, we are in the office groaning in disgust and yelling at the radio.]

I think I feel some brain cells dying from listening to that.

2 thoughts on “Did anyone else just hear that?”

  1. Caryn and I regularly turn the radio off in horror at the responses Tom Lykis gets when asking callers (men and women) questions about current events, really tough ones too, like “who is the vice pres.” and “who was the pres. before Clinton,” and “name one person running for pres in 2004.” People are idiots.

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