shrek two

Anne and I took the kids to see Shrek 2 at Arclight last night (holy cow, man. I have 3100 member points now!)

I have to be honest: I loved the first Shrek, but I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this sequel. I was mostly going because I love to do things as a family, and I can’t pass up a chance go take the kids out of suburbia and into the real world.

So I was just hoping that the movie didn’t annoy me . . . and I ended up loving it. I give it 4.5 stars on my 5 star scale. (It loses half a star because it uses too many musical montages . . . but the story is hilarious once it takes off, and there were so many brilliant “throw away” jokes, I lost count.) There’s nothing better than sitting between two kids who are convulsing with laughter.

While we were there, I saw posters for the Bukowski movie . . . wow. I can’t wait to see that, man! Life of Brian is also playing there . . . so I may end up cashing in some most of those member points pretty damn soon.

5 thoughts on “shrek two”

  1. We got 15 Greenstamps from a market near Redding last Sunday… do those count?

  2. The box office guy mocked me when I said I was hoarding and that I didn’t want to redeem points to buy my tickets to Shrek II. Silly, silly man.

    My favorite bit was the Stonehenge poster.

  3. So if you’re sharp and wanna catch a glimpse of Wil in the wild you just have to hang out at the Arclight. And why aren’t you doing that anyway?

  4. I enjoyed Shrek 2, as well. I did think that they needed a “better” antagonist, though. Farquaad was perfectly despicable, but the villains in the second one weren’t as threatening.

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