This hot piece of boy ass is Napoleon Dynamite.


Are you done drooling and/or trying to set this image as your new desktop wallpaper? Lucky for you, there’s more to this than just a pretty picture; it’s also a movie. “Hooray!” you cheer. Yes, hooray indeed. For anyone who’s ever loved “Welcome to the Dollhouse” with all their little heart, this is a movie that I dare say is even funnier. Double plus good bonus: the ending song in the movie is “The Promise” by When in Rome. (ok, maybe that one’s just good to me. Whatever.)

Fox Searchlight isn’t doing a lot of publicity for this movie, but it would be a crime to miss it. Funnier than you can shake a stick at! Go watch the trailer and then come back and answer me this, Batman:

What’s a liger?

6 thoughts on “DY-NO-MITE!”

  1. Jessica, we were JUST talking about this film at dinner tonight and I can’t wait to see it.

    The next screening is on Tuesday, Jun 08 7:30 PM The Grove… anyone up for a blogging.la get together?

  2. I’m game for the screening… and from my perspective as a Zoo-based dude (and without seeing the trailer), a liger is a cross breed between a male African lion and a female Bengal tiger. Obviously this only happens in captivity, because neither big cat can scratch together the intercontinental airfare. There’s also the tigon, a male Bengal tiger and a female African lion, There’s also a divitch, which is a splice of a Whitney Houston and a Christina Aguilar.. but I’ll shut up now and go watch the trailer to see how far off base I might be.

  3. I saw this movie through a campus circle screening. It was hilarious and yeah , the music brought back so many memories of the past, my actual prom theme was “forever young.”

  4. Umm haha you look awesome. I saw an add for this movie tonight and I cannot wait to see it. But do tell me, where did you get your AC/DC Jesus shirt becuase it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Email or IM me sometime – [email protected]

  5. unfortunatley that fine film isn’t coming around my parts until the middle of july. shucks. and i’m inquisitive about where you purchased the Jesus AC/DC shirt, too.

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