Screw star maps. I need ROCKSTAR maps!

Did you know that Elton John made his American debut at The Troubadour? Of course you did. But I bet you didn’t know that Janis Joplin partied at Barney’s Beanery the night she died! These are a couple of tasty tidbits available from the Los Angeles Rock ‘n’ Roll Roadmap. It’s not that deep, but there are a few nuggets here that are worth digging around for. (And if you’ve never been to Barney’s, I highly suggest you check it out. Their menu is like 80 pages long, they’ve got tons of beer on tap and their onion rings are awesome.)

3 thoughts on “Screw star maps. I need ROCKSTAR maps!”

  1. Actually I *did* know that because I watched the Biography channel show on Janis Joplin a couple of weeks ago. Ha! Take that! ;)

    Anyhow, Barney’s is the institution shiznit.

  2. First they did away with the salmon burger then they did away with the coleslaw with every meal. I’ve been pissed ever since. When I used to work on Sunset back in the day (think mid-late 90’s) we’d see the Kids in the Hall guys hanging out every day lamenting the failure of their movie and the fact that only one of em had a job. It was like clockwork. I miss the old Barneys.

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