Rewarding Lives


If you happen to be sitting around the parlor between now and July 1st and suddenly say to your manservant, “Littleworth, old duck, I am deathly bored! Let us away to some futuristic art exhibit with many photographs we’ve already seen!” your trusty Littleworth will recommend the Rewarding Lives exhibition of Annie Leibovitz photography at the Pacific Design Center.

As reviewer Emily Young wisely pointed out in the Times on Sunday, seeing Leibovitz’s talented yet all-too-familiar photographs isn’t the point, really, of this exhibit. “Instead of displaying the photos in conventional frames on a wall (that’s so 20th century), the organizers floated the 60 or so photos of accomplished actors, musicians, dancers, writers, athletes and politicians inside see-through boxes mounted on individual pedestals in an outdoor installation that is, in many respects, as arresting as the art it was intended to showcase.”

And since miserly Littleworth will nod approvingly at the lack of cost to attend, sally forth to West Hollywood post haste.

6 thoughts on “Rewarding Lives”

  1. The installation is far more interesting. Saw it when we went to a Johnnie Walker tasting there last month. Not worth going to see it on it’s own merit but if you’re in the hood with 20 minutes to kill I’d swing by and take it in for sure.

  2. Will told me there would be FREE Viewmasters, but they were all out when I went. I don’t blame Will, because he warned me that the entire exhibit was just a big ad for American Express (and indeed it was), but the Viewmaster would have made it sorta worth it, right?

    You may be intrigued to learn that Francis Ford Coppola does NOT have an American Express Card. Or, you know, you may not.

  3. Ya see free shit always makes it worth it. And since I don’t have an American Express card and will likely never get one I just don’t care who has them. Mostly sour grapes since the reason I don’t have one is because they won’t give me one… Fuckers.

  4. as one who attended with jason and fogarty, i found it pretty darn uninteresting. except for the AMEX dress from the academy awards a few years ago. the “tent thing” was nice.

  5. Hmmm…. maybe I’ll make my coveted “Rewarding Lives” Viewmaster (complete with one disc of images of the exhibit), a prize in an upcoming mystery photo contest.

    And on the au contraire… beyond the AmEx product prevalence, I found some of the images there in Annie’s Hall to be interesting. My particular favorite was one of famed illustrator Al Hischfeld, sitting and sketching in the dim corner of a sea of plush red theater seats. It may not be the Oooo-Ahhh! stuff that results when Takashi Murakami watches one too many Pokemon episodes, but there’s art there beyond the gleam of all the gold cards.

  6. I was mostly ticked off that all the free food was gone over at the tent thingy by the time the Johnnie Walker tasting party was over.

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