Andy Kaufman – Alive and kicking?

I came across this press release, which claims that Andy Kaufman is alive and has returned on the 20th anniversary of his (now believed to be faked) death, just like he promised to do. Instead of returning in a comedy club or television appearances, he’s launched a blog. He makes a point of apologizing – “Sorry about faking my death,” he says in his first post – and talks a bit about what he’s been doing, and how he managed to fake his death for 20 years.

Interesting, because the press release claims that DNA testing has been done that proves this is the real Andy. Whether it’s a hoax or not remains to be seen. It certainly seems like something Andy would do, though!

Maybe he’s been hiding in the Scientology Center all these years, right under our noses.

7 thoughts on “Andy Kaufman – Alive and kicking?”

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