The L.A. stories people expect to hear

I was on the road this afternoon and had to make a detour around one side of some unnamed major studio. There was a police barricade, flashing lights and a cop directing traffic away.

Rumor has it, someone got a personal package delivered to the security gate there – but it was just left there and the security personnel didn’t know what it was and there was no return address on the box. So they called it in to the LAPD. They evacuated the buildings near that side of the lot. And there were helicopters in formation overhead, too.

PHOTO FROM ABC7.COMIt turns out it was a massage cushion. I wonder whose job it was to open the box?

In another part of town, my friend who works in Encino told me that there was a shooting & robbery a few blocks from her office (a TV production company) and the suspect has not yet been caught. She’s been staying inside, just in case.

Within a two block radius of her workplace, my friend also said that they also had a police shoot out at IHOP, a homicide/suicide at a marriage counselor’s office, and arson on the temple next door, all within the last year. I know what part of Encino I’m staying away from.

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  1. For as suburban sleepy as it seems, Encino does have a lotta unsung blood spilled. I lived near the Trader Joes on Burbank Blvd. and White Oak for six years. My first month there, there was a (still unsolved) homicide in which a resident was shot in an apparent drive-by on a quiet residential street. Couple years later a good samaritan trying to chase down a liquor store robber was killed by the robber near Burbank and Reseda. In 1999 they had a shots-fired suspect who barricaded himself in his house on White Oak and held police (and all residents in a three-block perimeter) at bay for several hours before he was found dead of an apparent self-inflicted wound. And let’s not forget dear departed comedian Phil Hartman… his wife murdered him in their house a few blocks north of the Cha Cha Cha on Ventura.

  2. In addition, there was a fatal shooting on the corner of Texhoma and Ventura next to Bazel Restaurant across from Fromins. We live around the corner from the shooting. The first day we moved into a new place in Encino someone tried to break in our sliding glass door. I’ve lived in the area (Tarzana, Van Nuys, Reseda, Encino) almost all my life. We need to be on the lookout for ANY suspicious activity and report it to the police immediately. It doesn’t hurt to call and have someone check it out. You could save someone’s life or your own.

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