Inside/Outside: The Shape of Music in Los Angeles

I REALLY want to go to this but I’ll be on the road so if anyone can sneak over to this you should. Andy is one of L.A.’s gems and I guarantee you’ll laugh your ass off or cry your eyes out. Either way he’s fascinating to see and hear and actually listen to.

Tomorrow (5/19) at the Walt Disney Concert Hall Christopher O’Riley, pianist and of host of public radio’s From The Top program joins Andy Prieboy, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, artist and playwright who combines indie rock with his fascination with vaudeville, art, opera and satire along with Josh Kun, co-curator of Inside/Outside, in a unique discussion about music, process, genres, and the city of Los Angeles.

There will be music and conversation about how the lines between high and low, classical and popular, contemporary and traditional are being dissolved.

It’s $10.00 at the door and starts at 7:30.

3 thoughts on “Inside/Outside: The Shape of Music in Los Angeles”

  1. I don’t have a favorite SoCal death wish, but I do have a favorite epic semi-SoCal-related disaster tune: The Divine Comedy’s “Here Comes the Flood.”

    I don’t want to give too much away, but the spoken word bit in the middle goes a little something like “If the good lord had intended me to live in LA, he’d have given me a machine gun. Still, here I am, just another worried little citizen of this modern-day Pompeii…”

    And yes, I did say “the spoken word bit.” Neil Hannon is a genius.

  2. Um, I’m a moron. That comment was supposed to go under “Death and Destruction.”

    Delete at will, Jason.

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