Raspberry Jam

Calls made to cell phones at LAX, the Rose Bowl and other high profile landmarks in the Southland could be jamed during terrorism alerts.” Yeah, because EVERYBODY KNOWS that terrorists never use Text Messaging or Wi-Fi to communicate. If they start using Semaphore, does that mean we’ll have to take down all of our flags, too? Gimme a fuggin’ break.

4 thoughts on “Raspberry Jam”

  1. As I understand it, they’re using cell phones now to trigger bombs from arbitrarily far away. You’d have to block paging and text messaging too. I think wifi would have lower usefullness; semaphore none. (Plus it’s pretty fricking obvious.)

  2. the madrid bombs were triggered with calls to cell phones. i guess the detonators were hooked up such that the rings provided the juice for the detonating circuit.

  3. Can they block walkie-talkie cell phone calls from the cabin of a full plane stuck on the tarmac for 30 minutes in Pittsburgh? Because that would have saved me clawing my eyes out yesterday.

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