Blocking Calls

From the L.A. Daily News:

Cell-phone use could be blacked out at LAX, the Rose Bowl and Universal Studios under an anti-terrorism plan being formulated by Sheriff Lee Baca and other law enforcement authorities.

Baca is exploring the use of jamming equipment — already used widely in foreign countries and to protect President Bush — to interrupt cell-phone signals if a terrorist attack was expected in Los Angeles. (via Mobile Tracker)

Forget LAX, can someone set up a system of jamming equiptment in local movie theaters. The lack of respect some people have is terrifying. The last time I went to a movie at anyplace other than Arclight was a few months back at The Grove and this fucking rod sitting three seats away from me was using that super annoying “direct connect” walkie talkie thing to chat it up with his homeboys well into the trailers. If I’d heard that damn beep one time during the actual move I swear to christ he would have been wearing my Dr. Pepper.

And yes, that’s way easy for me to say two months later so don’t even bother mentioning it.

3 thoughts on “Blocking Calls”

  1. No doubt he was also some L.A. Times reading marketing goon who’s also sent you email wanting you to write about the ultraspiff timeshare he’s subletting down by the L.A. RIVER!

  2. i can’t believe people’s lack of respect for the movie theatre. It makes me crazy. note to doug welch…i really don’t think the gov’t is trying to interfere with protests and civil disobedience. What are you, 12?

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