Poor Rocky.

I feel sick to my stomach and here’s why… I left my place for a quick appointment at noon. As I walked past the front of my car to get to the driver’s side door, I nearly stepped on a smashed squirrel, smooshed right next to where I needed to stand to open my car door.

Save for the fact that I had skipped breakfast and had an empty tummy, I would have totally lost my last meal. Probably all over the poor, dead thing, too. I sat in my car and whigged out for a good five minutes, trying to figure out how I could leave my parking spot without running it over again. Then I called Yoshi, whose response was, “Yeah, well squirrel vs. car… the car’s going to win.” I managed to successfully get my car out of the spot, but I could barely drive (no asian woman driver jokes, please).

Maybe I should know the answer to this, but I don’t. My question is: Who do I call to get rid of the roadkill? *I* certainly am not getting anywhere near it again. When I got home, I parked 2 blocks over and walked all the way around to avoid seeing the carcass again. Isn’t there some city department that will clean it up? Thanks in advance.

3 thoughts on “Poor Rocky.”

  1. Hey Joz, you can call the City of L.A. Dept. of Sanitation at 800/773-2489 for dead animal pick-up; or the City of L.A. Dept. of Animal Regulation at 888/452-7381.

  2. Heh… Yeah, I’m not sure how that happened. Always happy to help!

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