Guerilla Ads?

So last night Cybele and I revitalized our regular Thursday evening get-togethers with a neighborhood walkaround starting from the Tiki Room on Sunset ó digicams in hand ó to capture pixels of some of the local neon. Towards the end of our trek, walking towards Wacko on Hollywood Boulevard, Cybele spied some strange light-flashing-thing happening on the wall of the three-story structure next to the U-Haul across from the Goodwill. “Is that being projected?” she wondered. My heart and pace sped up… guerilla film screening perhaps?

More like a guerilla ad. A little closer, we found what turned out to be the loop of a Playstation2 advertisement playing over and over from a projection system set up on the sidewalk next to a van with someone sitting inside it and no one else around. Kinda weird.

I snapped a couple shots (click on the thumbnail for a larger version), then we made the mistake of heading up to snap pix of the Wacko sign, thinking the oddity would still be there on the walk back. But by the time we turned around ó poof! ó whoever was doing whatever had vanished (cue haunting wind sounds) like the 2-0 game lead the Spurs once had over the Lakers.

4 thoughts on “Guerilla Ads?”

  1. I can’t remember what it was for (not Playstation, though), but I do remember seeing a commercial flashed against a random wall and then being gone 5 minutes later when I came back the other direction…

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