12 thoughts on “Ugg-ly”

  1. I live on the corner of Highland and Franklin/Franklin Place. There is a billboard right there that I have to look at every day and hell yeah I noticed it. Well after Fogarty pointed it out. I was too fascinated with her oddly shaped ass. On the billboards it looks wrong. Like she has some sort of giant ass tumor. So yeah, I was looking at her ass before her feet. Big surprise there…

  2. ugh, yeah. there’s one of those billboards on the 110 north, somewhat south of downtown. i wonder if they photoshopped the…boots…on later, to counteract the ugly face. i see it far too often.

  3. This is one of two unusual fashion phenomenons, the other being the trucker hat worn sideways. Everyone knows it’s a god awful look but yet people still rock it. What the hell?

  4. Fortunately I think the Trucker phase is about over. I think these two trends together constitute enough proof to adequately prove that there is, in fact, no God.

  5. Speaking of billboards and trucker hats on sideways, has anyone seen the McDonald’s one for the NEW!!! fruit and walnut salad featuring a girl wearing…a sideways trucker hat? You can only see her head and shoulders, but I’m sure she’s wearing Uggs, too.

    Actually, the best part of that billboard is a line on the disclaimer (got a good look at it in traffic on La Cienega near the 10 last week): “Contains nuts.”

  6. Please make the Uggs go away. Aren’t things bad enough with Juicy “Couture?” Somehow, Kate Hudson seems to encapsulate everything that is wrong with fashion and movies. You can bet she carries a louis Vuitton handbag with a dog in it.

  7. Jason, no way trucker hats are going of out style. (I say this objectively as I don’t own a single one.) Have you seen the inside of Hollister or Banana Republic or any one of those types of stores? Probably not, but let me enlighten you as to what they are currently carrying. Cowboy-ish shirts, the ones with long sleeves, stripes, pockets flaps that come to a point at the bottom…hopefully you get the picture. Those shirts and trucker hats go hand in hand. So I figure if those shirts are in these stores summer line, the hats aren’t going away any time soon. Maybe by the fall or winter.

  8. Grant. Dude. In style != in stores. In fact I venture to say as soon as something appears…

    1) on MTV
    2) in chain stores
    3) on movie billboards

    …it is officially out of style. There are rules about these things.

    If it appears on a McDonald’s billboard it is both out of style and liable to kill you at 20 paces, so be careful out there.

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