Take Me to Paradise

Oh, you think Silverlake is so bohemian, so hip, so young. Truth be told, it’s a hotspot for the over-age crowd, too.

paradise adult day health care

You’ve certainly driven by this place, with its brightly painted facade and discreet side entrance. Until now Paradise was an underground club, but it’s quickly becoming a popular hotspot. Located at the headwaters of Santa Monica Blvd, just down the street from The Little Temple and Jay’s Jayburger, it’s absolutely in the right place at the right location (that’s what a good club is all about, after all).

Paradise has some serious guest lists, too, reservations are a must. Two fellows known as “The Orderlies” will not even allow you out of the car without being on the list. But once you’re in, your every whim is catered to. Drugs are no big deal here either, there’s even a staff to supervise those who might get out of hand. Some prefer numbing agents like OxyContin others like their Ambien and still others dig the diuretics for that ultraslim look. sixflags.jpg

The music is pure old-school. From classic jazz to pop standards from days gone by, these party people like it loud. It’s an all out rave scene, all day, every day. Word has it that this fellow was discovered there.

Unfortunately their hours conflict with my work schedule, but maybe someday I’ll call in sick and check it out.