Not just any old casting notice for extras.

Maybe they should consider asking McDonald’s if they’ll plug this casting call on their i-am-asian website. Just kidding.

(In all seriousness, I am not mocking this truly worthy project. If you fit their descriptions and can volunteer, please do it.)

See more at the Honolulu Star Bulletin here:

CRAIG T. KOJIMA / CKOJIMA@ STARBULLETIN.COM of the Honolulu Star Bulletin.  World War II veterans who were members of the 100th Battalion and 442nd Regimental Combat Team are hopeful that a new effort to tell their story will make it to the big screen. Independent filmmaker Lane Nishikawa, wearing a lei, is joined by veterans Shigeru Tsubota, left, Saburo Nishime, Dr. Denis Teraoka and actress Tamlyn Tomita.
The National Japanese American Historical Society and nationally known playwright and filmmaker, Lane Nishikawa, are launching the first dramatic, feature-length film about the 100th/442nd all-Nisei Regimental Combat Team since GO FOR BROKE was produced in 1951. ONLY THE BRAVE, tells the heroic story of how the 100th/442nd RCT rescued “Lost Battalion” of the Texas 141st Regiment during World War II. Although suffering over 800 casualties fighting through German lines, the Japanese-American soldiers were able to save and rescue over 200 of their fellow American soldiers. The 100th/442nd became the most highly decorated unit in American history.

EXTRAS needed on THURSDAY, MAY 13th and ends SUNDAY, MAY 30TH, 2004. We are currently seeking VOLUNTEER EXTRAS to join our team and be a part in the making of this historic motion picture!

ASIAN AMERICAN EXTRAS (To portray Nisei soldiers) – 18 to 30 years of age – Between the heights of 5-6 feet – Good physical condition

CAUCASIAN EXTRAS (To portray German and Texas soldiers) – 18 to 30 years of age – Between the heights of 5’6 and 6’0 – Good Physical condition

(PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Most of the shooting will be from 6PM to 6AM)

All Extra positions are VOLUNTEER.

Costumes and food will be provided. This is a great way to become directly involved with most or all aspects of production on a small crew doing a feature length film. You will gain experience, receive credit and make crucial contacts in the entertainment/film industry. Anyone who is interested please contact Andrew Hwang immediately at [email protected] or 1(626) 297-6409.