Two Wheels Gooood… Four Wheels Baaaaad

btw.jpg Further to Robert’s previous post about the May 23 L.A. River Bike Ride, next Thursday (May 20) is the Los Angeles County Bike To Work Day. Now in its 10th year BTWD2004 will be a great opportunity to save some gas money, get a little exercise, dirty the air a little less, and win some free stuff (if you register your “pledge to ride” by May 19).

Too far from work to bike all the way? Then ride to your nearest MTA bus stop and/or rail station and let them do the driving for free to cylists that day (you did know the buses have bike racks, right?). So as Freddie Mercury once said: “Get on your bikes and ride!”

3 thoughts on “Two Wheels Gooood… Four Wheels Baaaaad”

  1. I would think so… I’m trying to talk Susan into taking the bus to work that day, but she’s not entirely sold yet.

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