The stuffs nightmares are made of…

BIG GIANT SNAILS!  Photo courtesy: AP(Well, my nightmares, anyway.)

BIG GIANT SNAILS! I thought I wasn’t afraid of snails, but I’ve changed my mind.

(This has nothing to do with L.A., but I’m wondering what would happen if they were let loose around here.

Any input from Will Campbell?

Any are there currently any “pests” that we’re worried about here in L.A.?)

3 thoughts on “The stuffs nightmares are made of…”

  1. Yeah Joz, I got some input for ya: HolyFuckingShit!

    What would happen if they were let loose here in LA-LA land? I’d run like hell… or at least walk like hell. Voracious critters, they eat just about anything they can slather their mouth part over. Good gawd they look like something out of one of those prehistoric diorama paintings of when things that are little now were huge then.

    Thanksfully pests in Los Angeles are still pretty much all non-Supersized: Africanized honeybees, imported red fire ants, a variety of ticks, and of course the West Nile virus-carrying skeeters (detected last year in Van Nuys and along the San Gabriel River). Nothing new to report pestwise other than biting blackfly swarms could be showing up around the L.A. river later this summer, and it’s about time for the midges (biting and nonbiting flies that resemble skeeters in size and appearance) to start swarming, too.

  2. Pests I’m worried about in LA are basically Scion driving celebs and Mercedes driving studio execs. Maybe some sales and marketing droids. Definitely over ‘roided bouncers. Angelyne. Jocks. Tourists. Producers with cellphones. Scientologists for sure. The drug dealer on the second floor. Parking enforcement is high up there. LAPD. Um, it’s late or I could go on…

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