Not-so-ancient Chinese Secret

Several weeks ago, I was surprised to stumble across this sign in Chinatown and thought that I had somehow managed to miss seeing this huge sign for seven straight years. Thankfully, I decided to do a bit of research before posting a rambling treatise on Hollywood landmarks because a bit of Googleosity reveals that it was actually erected in September 2002 to accompany some sort of exhibition. I think I’m mildly disappointed. If you fancy a gander, it’s in an empty lot next door to the New China Town Barber Shop (and secured behind a chain link fence) at the north end of Hill, right before the 101.

3 thoughts on “Not-so-ancient Chinese Secret”

  1. I have often noticed this sign from behind, on a drunken afternoon at Hop Louie, or just walking around after a breakfast of Chinese pastries… The old-fashioned Disney-ish “land” always made me think it was some kind of relic. Sorry to hear it’s not. I wonder what exactly it was for?

  2. True, true–I thought it had been there a long time too. I first saw it when I was in Chinatown this past February for the Firecracker 10k. Don’t really hang out in this part of town much, so I felt just like a tourist! The signs seems to go well w/that restaurant with the mural on the side boasting its connection to a Jackie Chan movie.

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