Comcast employees are just plain stupid

Ok, so on attempt 3 yesterday they didn’t bring the keys. Mentioned that. Today I had an appointment between 1 and 5 and guess what… No technician. So I called back and lo and behold they didn’t re-schedule the appointment for today. This is after I personally talked to the dispatcher and agreed on a time and that someone with a fucking CLUE and KEYS would show up. So tomorrow is the last appointment I’m making with them. I’m also going to call in and register a formal complaint with dispatcher Sasha who screwed me. That is only AFTER someone shows up. IF someone shows up. They’re really catching up to PacBell as far as clueless goes. Is PacBell even around anymore or are they just SBC now? Either way I hate all telecoms. Evil bastards the lot of em. That’s why I’ll never have another land line if I can help it.

[UPDATE!] Bitch and ye shall receive! After I wrote the above post a Comcast sub-contractor arrived and finally took care of business. I am FINALLY writing from my own apartment on my G5 instead of from Bob’s couch or the buildings stairwell. Praise be to pissing and moaning to get things done!

3 thoughts on “Comcast employees are just plain stupid”

  1. Your tolerance for pain is awesome. Can’t speak to DirecTV as I’m an Adelphian, but if Comcast still can’t pass the Ass/Elbow test tomorrow, I’ve been with SBC (yeah, PacBell is now a part of them) for going on three years now and two moves and it’s mostly all been good. In fact, they actually just lowered my monthly rate from $34.95 to $29.95 (I was expecting them to raise it to $49.95), and the last time I had to set up a service call, the techdude was awesome and thorough and conscientious and followed-up รณ on top of the outside wiring being the problem, which meant all that work to get me back up and online didn’t cost me a dime and that’s always a good thing.

  2. Two suggestions:

    1.let your city councilman (or woman) know what’s going on. cable companies are still franchised by the city

    2. Call Comcast corporate in Philadelphia, ask for the office of the CEO — you’ll of course get a secretary, but it’s a secretary who knows how to get something done. Make sure you tell them that you’re fed up and will be going to the competition if this isn’t sorted out within 24 hours.

    Good luck

  3. Call the toll-free number for Comcast and complain. Explain your story and they should give you a credit…I had even less problems that you in the past and have been given a credit for it.

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