So much for the convenience of cable…

I’ve been trying for over a week to get my cable TV and internet installed and have been met by nothing but incompetence and idiocy. On the third attempt to get a tech to ring the doorbell he finally did and we got the process started. So he arrives and I let him in and we find the junction box so he can do his thang. Well it turns out that not all Comcast technicians are allowed to carry keys to all the junction boxes. WHAT? They send their techs into the field without THE KEYS!!! What in the holy hell is going on? So now I have to go yet ANOTHER day without an internet connection in my apartment. I’ve been here for almost 2 weeks and can’t get cable installed. I could have gotten DirecTV and DSL by now. If they drop the ball one more time then that’s what is going to happen. Although I know SBC in Hollywood are about as random as they come so I’m not going down that route unless I have no choice left. Now let’s see if Staples can actually pull off a furniture delivery. Did you know you can’t really buy all the furniture in the stores anymore? They have a computer connected to their website IN the store. How silly. I’m starting to miss the good old days.

4 thoughts on “So much for the convenience of cable…”

  1. Even though our place was “cable ready,” we had to go through the hassle of getting DSL and DirecTV installed. Based on the phone calls we made we didn’t have much faith that we’d get everything we needed from the cable company set up in time. Good luck, Jason.

  2. I live in Hollywood and have had DirecTV and SBC DSL for almost two years–I love them both. Neither one has ever given me any trouble, and the DSL was simple to hook up…they mail you the modem and you’re good to go. Good luck!

  3. The only drawback about getting DSL was that it took two weeks to “activate.” So basically we turned on our phone line as soon as we knew we were moving and it was “on” by the time we moved. Unfortunately, that would put you out another 14 days. If the cable people REALLY can’t get it together, call SBC.

  4. That’s the plan at this point. If they can’t get their shit together I’m going to put in the order for the DSL then go out of town for a few weeks while they get it together and get my stuff from Chicago and go on a shooting tour. Fingers crossed that tomorrow will bear fruit. At least Staples came thru and I have a desk now. That’s ALL I have but it’s a start…

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