B.la Mystery Photo Contest / Vol.1, No. 5

0509mp.jpg Well, my boy Bill (sing it Frankie!) took quick action last week and just scant minutes after I posted it, correctly identified last week’s mystery photo subject by answering in the form of a question: “Isn’t that Jay’s Jayburgers on Santa Monica Boulevard…..errr, 4841 Santa Monica Boulevard?” Indeed, it is, Bill you winner you. In. Deed. It. Is.

Clue: This place pictured above is as much a mystery to me as it may be to you. A former power station converted to hip-happening party loft? Architectural anomaly? I’m stumped! All I know is that on my way to pick up a package being held at a major shipping company’s L.A. facility last week I found myself east of downtown and west of the 5 Freeway on the dead-end street upon which this interesting structure resides, and figured no one will get it (unless you happen to live in the nearby arts complex).

tinytush.jpgRules: First one to post a comment most correctly and directly listing the location of the photo subject above wins the admiration of the blogging.la readership (or me, whichever’s greater at the time) and a collector’s edition Tush sticker printed with real ink and made with real adhesive. In the event of no one getting it right, the creator of the most entertaining guess will be hailed victorious.

6 thoughts on “B.la Mystery Photo Contest / Vol.1, No. 5”

  1. Its the former Edison Power Station #3 off Moulton Avenue (right across from the UPS building). Part of the Brewery Arts Complex right?

  2. and yeah, i guess i cheated,
    ‘cos, yeah, i do live in the nearby arts complex…

  3. That place was included in an episode of Extreme Homes. The black half-cylinder that sticks out of the side is a lap pool.

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